About Us

My husband Chris, our cat Galaxy, and I moved to Gualala in 2004 after we retired from Silicon Valley companies. We've been active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary (based in Fort Bragg) for 8 years. Our beloved Galaxy (the grey and white kitty at the top) died at age 17, leaving a hole in our family. We became more active in the Auxiliary, but that hole hasn't been filled.

I was talking with a friend of mine about that, and about what I could do next to make a difference here, while also making me happy and more local.

She asked "what do you like?" "Animals" I replied. She said, "why not a pet related business? You're taking care of friends' pets now." We did some research, took dog and cat first aid and CPR with the Red Cross and started caring for pets professionally.

We've cared for and owned cats, dogs, iguanas, guinea pigs, anoles, snakes, fish, turtles, birds and even a skunk. I spent time helping out on my uncle's farm while growing up: we're up for that too, with some refresher training. While in Gualala we've also cared for chickens and a duck.

We've met several new friends and their owners since we began. Thank you to all our clients for making my dream come true. Happiness is finding your way back to what you love doing. Life is good.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope to meet you and your pet soon.

Jan and Chris