Services and Rates
The rising cost of fuel has required us to increase prices.
Hopefully, this won't last long.

Services Rates
Initial Meet and Greet Consultation   Free 
Visits and Medications:
A 30 minute visit is given a 2 hour window, i.e.
7:00 - 9:00, 10:00 - 12:00 
Please let us know if your pet is on medication which
requires a set time and we will accommodate that.

A 30 minute visit may include:  
  Giving medications
  Feed/refresh water
  Exercise in yard or short walk
  Scoop litter box
  Petting and playing
Requested additional services
  Bring in newspaper/packages
  Open/close drapes
  Turn lights on/off
  Water house plants
  (If you have a garden or many outside potted plants,
  please call a gardener. We specialize in pets, not plants.)  

Dog or Cat Walk
  Half hour. Includes setting out fresh water